Behind the Seams of Summer ’17

The unique cloth that inspired this summer's indigo capsule collection.

This season we fell in love with Mossi cloth, an indigo-dyed cotton crafted by the Mossi people of Burkina Faso. The Mossi people have been artfully cultivating cotton + cloth for over 1000 years. 

Mossi cloth is rare. There is only a finite number of it still in existence, so the only cloth available now is vintage fabric. Its unique texture and coloring comes from a special dying process: Using a narrow loom, thin strips of handwoven cotton are sewn together into a larger cloth and then meticulously dip-dyed several times in an indigo bath for deep blue coloring. Mossi fabrics are known for their complexity and the weavers’ tedious attention to detail. What appears to be a simple plaid pattern is actually a careful alignment of stripes that is aligned and matched throughout an entire cloth. Within their culture, the fabric is often made into clothing, blankets and tapestries.

This rare cloth is the inspiration behind our own indigo capsule this season: our favorite ruffle edged Vera sandal and announcing the new knotted slide, Lucia, in the best blue-jean blue hue.


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