Creative Couples: Fabiana + Helena

You know that one piece that pulls a room together? Slightly unexpected, undoubtedly chic, it lends a dose of je ne sais quoi to any room. Chances are, that piece is from Coming Soon. Fabiana + Helena run this eclectic, fun and sophisticated design shop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Lucky for us, they shared their décor tips + the one thing every NYC apartment needs.

Tell us about your store.

Coming Soon is a design gift and furniture shop in the Lower East Side. We always have strived for originality—our sense of humor sets us apart from other interior stores. We had worked together before in design and knew we worked well together.

How would you describe your décor aesthetic + personal styles?

Our decor aesthetic is a mix of 20th century furniture with new contemporary young designers and fun collectables. As for our personal styles, basically Helena likes a lot of various styles, designers, colors, moods etc., while Fabiana tends to pick five things and sticks to that.


Helena: I love metallic accessories. They go well with everything.


Fabiana: I love the tasseled sneakers – they are so much more than just a sneaker. Really comfortable and light.

Current favorite pieces in the store?

Helena’s: Mini Cinder Block by Concrete Cat and used as a bookend.


Fabiana’s: Cylinder Mirror by Bower.


Go-to hostess gift: Concrete Cat Hex Coasters

We love creative couples (as you might know, LR is run by a husband and wife team). What’s your experience been like working with your significant other?

We feel like almost everyone who works in design is a couple. It seems to make sense since it’s almost a lifestyle kind of job, working with homes and home objects. You share the constant dreaming of interiors together.

How does your background as art gallerists influence your store + curation?

It allows us to approach our “vendors” more as artists and support their work more like a collector.


What’s one thing every NYC apartment needs?

Every NYC apartment needs more lamps.

What’s one design “rule” you’d like to debunk?

If you have a small apartment, people tend to think you need small furniture, but we feel like the opposite is true. Larger pieces make your space feel bigger.

What inspires you?

A mix of the young designers we work with, old friends who work in interiors, and finding vintage pieces of furniture.

What’s your best-kept secret?

Our upholsterer.

Visit: Coming Soon

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Photographer: Sarah Elliott


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