Creative Couples: Kristine + Richard

Two designers: one reviving ancient techniques, one looking towards the future. Kristine runs Presshaus LA, a design + letterpress studio, while Richard heads design at Faraday Future, producing electric cars. From building their home together to their shared passion for design, this couple has mastered the mix of creativity + collaboration.

Let’s start with the basics: can you tell us a bit about what you and your husband do?

I think of us existing on opposite ends of the design spectrum. I’m a letterpress printer and work with my hands constantly. I work with old, greasy presses and handle ink and paper. On the opposite end, Richard is pushing the future of mobility. He’s head of design at Faraday Future, an electric car startup based in the Los Angeles area where advanced technology is a big part of their process.

How did you get into letterpress printing?

I wouldn’t have learned the craft of printing if I didn’t take a chance on my then fiancé (we weren’t married yet) to quit my job in LA and live in Munich, Germany. During that time I found a master printer who had a print workshop full of metal and wood type. With our broken German combined we wanted to see if it was possible for an apprenticeship; meanwhile, she thought I was interested a weekend workshop. A weekend turned into multiple weekends, then into months and soon the year has passed. There were no computers or the use of plates made from digital designs. All prints were handset one letter at a time and line by line. She urged me to letterpress print in LA and that’s what I’ve been doing since the day we met. I’m thankful for her patience with me and for putting up with my bad German.


What do you love most about what you do?

I get to work with my hands in my space and on my time. I still get excited when I pull the first print off the press and see the design go from digital to print. That part never gets old.


What inspires you?

Being a woman inspires me! My husband inspires me. Los Angeles inspires me.

How does LR fit into your wardrobe?

I save LR for out-of-studio mode like date nights and evenings out and about. How could you not love these lace-up hearts? They make me smile.

Tell us about the process of designing your home together.

Drawing from his automotive background, Richard was the driving force behind the design + construction of the house. We had our fair share of hard lessons learned (money, contractors, timing, perseverance, etc.) and arguments about all things small and big. We learned a great deal about each other at an exponential rate because of the house. Our relationship withstood this true test and we emerged still married! We’re celebrating our 5-year anniversary this month.

You’re both individuals who aren’t afraid to take riskswhat would you tell someone who wants to try something new?

Richard says, “Life is short. Make it an adventure.” I say, “Listen to your intuition. You have more power than you think.”

One last thing – what type of dog is Bagel?

Bagel is a rescue terrier mix (mostly Jack Russell we think). We adopted her shortly after we got married and she’s my furry little sidekick in and out of the studio. She goes with me almost everywhere. Adopt, adopt! It’ll change your life.


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