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Our RE17 Ambassadors come from coast to coast: they’re writers from Texas, artists from San Francisco, and florists from Brooklyn. One thing they all have in common? They’re creative + cool girls leading dynamic lives. Here, we talk with LR Ambassador Megan O’Neill, Beauty + Fitness Editor at Elle, about her bold personal style, her love of Pharrell, and the importance of owning it.

Where do you find sartorial inspiration?


I love spotting things on the street or in the subway that stretch my imagination and make me think of wearing something in a way I’ve never worn it before. I remember I was walking along a seedy section of Avenue D and saw this little old lady—she was shuffling along, hunched over, and looked pretty woebegone, but she was wearing a coat that draped around her so beautifully. And her hair was molded into the sort of ratty yet majestic bouffant that an Upper East Side lady might wear in a neater, stodgier version. I saw some drag queens on the L train two weekends ago, and they were dressed to the nines in slinky silver pants and clompy platform heels and tiny tube tops. They looked great. You could tell they felt good about what they were wearing, and because of that they made me believe, while I was there, that I wanted to wear silver skintight hip huggers, too.

And, of course, my old faithfuls on the inspiration board are Rihanna, Pharrell (I think he’s so so so cool. He seems to be having a blast pairing his shredded rhinestone-spangled jeans with a Chanel sweatshirt and a tangle of plastic rosary-ish beads piled around his neck), Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Cher in her sequined variety-show-era glory, and Freddie Mercury.

Tell us about your personal style.


I role-play a lot. Some days I feel masculine, and it’s fun to play that up by wearing my baggy camo pants (which I live in, to my husband’s horror) and a loose, stretched-at-the-neckline ATM black T-shirt and Stan Smiths with tomato-red socks. Other days I feel pretty and I want to be a lady. I love skirts and dresses way more than pants, but in winter I really just don’t enjoy encasing myself in tights.


I fell in love with my Emi sandals because I’m the biggest sucker for gold! I’m going to seriously love wearing these with my toes painted bilious neon yellow or shiny bright blue. With jean cutoffs and gold chains piled, you know, Pharrell style around my neck.

How would you describe the LR aesthetic?


There was a summer not long ago when every time I’d stop some cool-looking, gorgeous girl walking on the street to find out where she got her shoes—by the way, that is THE WAY to get intel on the best boutiques: ask a cool girl sauntering by where on earth she got her strappy sandals—she’d say, “Oh, they’re Loeffler Randall!” It happened maybe seven times. They are SO good! They’re imaginative, and so many of the styles are whimsical—like whimsical and quirky and pretty all at once, which is a combination that’s hard to find.

What’s your motto? 


Something amazing happens when you realize the magic of owning it. If you can rock it—and it can be that weird giant, frumped-up top hat Pharrell wore to the 2014 Grammys, or it can be a Ninja Turtles T-shirt or vintage camo pants that your mom says are totally unbecoming and make you look larger than you are—then you can pull it off. And then really there is no “pulling something off;” there’s just liking what you’re wearing and being psyched to strut around in it at work or at a cocktail party or wherever you are.


It’s not about looking good, it’s about feeling…right. It is so freeing to put on something that you love. “Do I look okay?” or “What do people think?” melts away and you can be thoroughly you, and that’s the best, warmest feeling ever.

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