LR Loves: CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty is unlike any other beauty shop – it’s part store, part spa. All natural and completely organic, the owners, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, test every product themselves and offer individualized insight at their West Village storefront. Here, the story behind the brand + their beauty essentials, just in time for summer.

What is the origin story of CAP Beauty? How did it all begin?

We started CAP Beauty to fill a hole we thought was missing in the beauty industry. Before CAP, there was no one-stop-shop where you could find the latest selection of natural and organic beauty products. We decided we needed to bring these products to people in a warm, modern, and inviting space and thus, CAP Beauty was born.

What is the ethos behind your store experience?

We wanted our store to be a space that felt modern and luxurious, yet warm and inviting. We wanted a place where people would stop by and feel welcome to learn about natural beauty, as if they were in someone’s home. The same idea resonates through our spa.

What do you want people to experience when they walk in for the first time?

When people enter CAP Beauty we hope they feel welcomed and curious about all we have to offer. CAP is more than just a store: it’s a learning experience to enhance your life with the power of plants. We hope people feel like they can hang out in our store and learn from our staff about the products we have and how natural beauty and wellness can change their lives through inclusion, not restriction.

How do you select the products you sell?

The products that we carry are the absolute best natural and organic products on the market. The beauty industry is not strictly regulated, so the products that come across our desks go through a rigorous set of standards and qualifications before they even get tested. We check for ingredient purity, product sourcing, feel, and efficacy of the product. The feel and function of the product is just as important to us as the purity of the ingredient list. A product must work well, deliver results, and feel beautiful on our skin for us to consider carrying it. Each product is tested by multiple members of our team and if it is well received, then it goes on our shelves.

Favorite Products for Summer:

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray – Who doesn’t want mermaid hair during the summer? This is our pick for naturally textured waves without the fuss. Simply spray into damp hair, tousle and go.


Leahlani Coco Infusion – This oil from Leahlani smells divine and is wonderfully hydrating, perfect for sultry summer nights.


Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Beldi Soap – Warm summer days in the city can be humid and sticky. This soap from Kahina Giving Beauty doesn’t strip your skin of moisture and is nourishing to the skin for a clean feeling without any dryness.


De Mamiel Body Oil – We love this body oil for its lightweight, yet effective, formula.


Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub – Smooth, radiant skin is something everyone is after as the weather warms up. Tata Harper’s Body Scrub contains a mixture of five different exfoliating granules to leave you with wonderfully soft and smooth skin.


CAP Beauty CAPtivator – Our namesake scent. We developed the CAPtivator with Lotus Wei to energize, increase magnetism, elevate libido, and encourage love. It works.

Anima Mundi Viridem Elixir – If we’ve indulged a bit too much or our bodies feel a tad stagnant we love using the Viridem Elixir to get us back on track. Filled with the most potent greens on earth, this elixir activates and alkalizes the body to get us feeling bright and glowing again.


The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder – Our #1 bestseller, this powder is perfect mixed with water first thing in the morning to support digestion and give our body an immediate boost of biofermented probiotics.


CAP Beauty Matcha – We love to make a matcha latte around midday to perk us up when we feel we need a boost.


Sun Potion Cordyceps – Naturally during the summer months we tend to be more active in the warm weather. To keep our adrenals and bodies nourished we love the Cordyceps from Sun Potion. We usually mix it into tea or make a nourishing tonic with our other favorite tonic herbs.


ZenBunni Chocolates – These little chocolate bars are the perfect treat when we want something sweet. ZenBunni’s raw, organic, and biodynamic chocolates come in a variety of flavors and are the perfect size to toss in our bag.

What’s your motto?

“Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty.”

What are CAP’s bestsellers?

Our top selling products are Glow Inner Beauty Powder from The Beauty Chef, Active Botanical Serum from Vintner’s Daughter, The Blue Cocoon from May Lindstrom, and CAPtivator Energy Mist by CAP Beauty. All of these products ring true to who we are at CAP and we’re not surprised that they are our bestsellers. Each of these products delivers amazing results and give you a serious glow.




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