LR Loves: Dana Haim

Dana Haim’s latest large-scale work, a pom-pom wall hanging in LR’s SoHo HQ, is an experimentation in tones and textures. We discuss travel, textiles, and what keeps her sane.

On getting started:

I started making pom-poms after graduating from Central Saint Martins in London. Since then, I have taught workshops on how to make them, worked on community and social based projects with them, and have done some large-scale (like the new LR install) projects with them. They certainly have taken on a life of their own now, which is really fun to see.

On inspiration:

When in a new place, I love going to the colorful marketplaces, learning about local traditional textile process, and how they vary from place to place. 


Travel is an essential part of my process. The pictures I take, things and places I encounter, or people I meet while on adventures are often the backbone of what my work will be based on. These are the moments I feel most alive and true to myself, so it’s important for me to put that into my work somehow.

On running her own business:

As long as I have a sketchbook around, I feel sane. I find that in business, like drawing, I have to go through lots of fumbles and things that don’t work to figure out what does. I have learned to embrace the failures and mistakes and learn lessons from them. I am enjoying the process and sometimes completely overwhelmed by it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On style:

Loeffler Randall is modern and classic at the same time. It’s elegant while also a bit edgy. I have like 10 pairs of Loeffler Randall shoes, some of which I got in the very early days, that are still in perfect condition.


I would describe my personal style as slow, relaxed minimalism accentuated by vintage textile appreciation.

On what’s next:

I recently debuted my new website, which includes home textiles that are made in Oaxaca, Mexico. I am so excited to be working with global artisans on modern heirloom textiles. I can’t wait to continue to get to know the artisans I am working with and to learn from them, while providing high quality goods to my customers. This is the dream, and it feels like I am just starting to scratch the surface.





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