LR Loves: Huldra of Norway

Huldra of Norway make pillows unlike any you’ve seen before. We’re talking hyper chromatic, textural explosions of shaggy crochet that instantly catch your eye. Even better? The duo behind them, Hildie Gifstad + Ashley Reed, are best friends. We sat down with this creative pair to find out what fuels their collaboration.

Your crochet pillows are the wonderfully eccentric addition to any living space—where do you find inspiration for your products?

We draw a lot of our inspirations from ‘70s interiors and modern design. But pretty much anything we see can inspire us. We might be walking by something on the street that triggers a creative flow: we use random moments of inspiration to develop new ideas and products.

What is the most important element of entering business with a friend?

Right now we are focused on developing a savvy business foundation and expanding each other’s creative instincts through collaboration. Going into business with a friend can always be a little scary, and we are different in so many ways. Hildie is always coming up with new ideas and focused on creative elements, while Ashley is more organized and helps keep the structure in the company. We keep each other balanced. We think especially when you’re working with a good friend it’s important to speak up, but not take things personally. Good communication and trust are key for any relationship. Also, sharing a couple bottles of wine at business meetings helps.

Tell us about your personal styles.

We are both pretty minimal ladies that appreciate an unexpected flare. The ‘70s aesthetic resonates with how we live—adding fringe to a clean simple look just makes sense, whether it’s a pillow or a t-shirt.

LR has an unexpected flare that we adore. We love that LR can satisfy our craving for that special design element without hindering functionality or quality.

What do you each love most about what you do?

Hildie: I always have a need to create. I hand-crochet all our pillows, so I spend a lot of time by myself crocheting, listening to music, and just getting lost in my own world. I love being able to build a business around my favorite activity.


Ashley: I enjoy experimenting. The advantage of working at the scale of interior and graphic design is that we can quickly improve through iteration.

Huldra is a charming forest nymph found in Norwegian folklore–how does your interior design style embody this realm?

We are inspired by the playful and seductive spirit of Huldra. The tactile nature of our pieces beckons touch.

What advice would you offer someone searching to find their inner Huldra?

Embrace your desires. Confidence is naturally alluring.


What’s your motto?

Have fun!

Follow: @huldra.of.norway

Visit: Huldra of Norway

Photographer: Sarah Elliott


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