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Is “meditate more” one of your New Year’s resolutions? While it’s on our lists too, we were a bit intimidated by the prospect. So, we talked with the team behind the ultra-chic NYC meditation center, Inscape, for their tips on making meditation work in your everyday life, and the mantras they rely on to keep motivated.

Inscape represents a thoroughly modern approach to meditation. Launched in 2016 by Intermix founder Khajak Keledjian, the company’s mission is to “inspire and empower people to connect with their best selves and live life to its fullest potential through modern meditation experiences.”


If you’re in NYC, you can visit its downtown Manhattan studio, or you can meditate anywhere in the world using the Inscape mediation app. As a special New Year’s treat for our LR Stories readers, Inscape is offering a free session at the studio (use code INSCAPExLR) and one month free of the app here.

Meet the team:

(Left to Right) Audrea Soong, Head of Product; Bianca Rothschild, Head of Experience Development; Brooke German, Head of Communications; Dee Khalsa, Head of Content; Jennifer Porter, Head of Digital Marketing

How can we fit meditation into our day-to-day lives? 


Brooke: Like every New Yorker, I thought I was “too busy.” I changed my mindset and my morning routine: no more hitting snooze. Now I make time for both my inner self and outer self. I start my day centered and empowered thanks to a morning meditation. Added bonus: better sleep is a proven benefit of meditation… not a bad trade for the snooze button.


Jennifer: When I only have a few minutes during the day and need a quick reset, I’ll take 3-5 minutes and do breathing exercises. It works wonders! The great thing about meditation is that it really doesn’t take a lot of time—you can adapt your practice to your lifestyle.


Dee: I have a reminder set to meditate each morning and I treat it like any other important appointment, book it in and show up.


Audrea: Use the Inscape app! Seriously though, my practice wasn’t steady at all until I did two things: first, I forgave myself for not being the kind of person who can pick up a daily habit easily, let alone in the morning. Secondly, I try new techniques to fit my current mood. We built the app to include short breathers for 5 minutes or less during the workday, intention driven content (like releasing stress), and sound journeys for sleep, all of which I really use when I need them.


Bianca: My favorite quick and dirty is what I call the 5-5-5. Inhale for five counts hold in for five counts and exhale for five counts. Start for one minute and build up to five minutes. You can do this on line anywhere: during a meeting, in the back of a taxi, even waiting for your facemask to dry!

Are there any myths about meditation that you’d like to debunk? 


Jennifer: Many people think that you must quiet your thoughts completely when meditating—not true! You simply need to acknowledge them and let them pass by.


Dee: I hear a lot of people saying they won’t be good at meditation. I don’t think you have to be good at it to feel the benefits. You just have to start doing it.


Brooke: Meditation can be contemporary, relevant and secular. Though it has ancient roots, there’s plenty of science and stats behind it, and practical integrations—like our studio and app—that allow it to meld seamlessly into daily life. People of all ages, backgrounds and professions meditate, across the world and throughout history. Meditation’s a common denominator, and it empowers individuals to better connect with themselves so they can better connect with the world.

What’s your motto/mantra?


Brooke: “The sun will rise tomorrow.” A reminder of the importance and impermanence of now.


Dee: Be fearless.


Audrea: Allow yourself the space to grow.

Visit: Inscape

(For a free session, enter code INSCAPExLR).


Download: For one month free of the app, click here.


Follow: @inscapelife


Photographer: Sarah Elliott


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