LR Loves: Pennyweight

Our favorite pinner, Elise Joseph of Pennyweight, talks personal style, Pinterest, + how to perfectly pair our Isla bootie.

You have one of the largest and most engaged followings on Pinterest. Can you tell us about developing this community?

I am an extremely visual person, so I instantly knew that I was going to have a love affair with Pinterest. I remember when I first heard about it, and actually joined the site when it was still in beta mode! I was always ripping pages out of magazines to put in big folders of inspiration, and the thought of keeping everything organized digitally really excited me. I think the key for me is keeping that idea at the forefront of my pinssharing the things that I truly find beautiful, inspirational or interesting. Sometimes it’s the detail of a sleeve, the tones of a photograph, a favorite recipe or architecture that I file away for my dream home.


Tell us about your personal style.

 I love mixing different elementshigh and low, masculine and feminine, dark and light. My style is minimal but very intentional. I gravitate towards fabrics that are comfortable and easy to throw on like linen, raw silk and denim. I have been wearing my Isla booties with everything! They really pop with a black slip dress and statement earrings, but also look great paired down with vintage jeans and a white tee.

How does Pinterest influence your style?

Street style is something that I love to follow online, and I see a lot of looks that subtly feed into my personal style and aesthetic. I tend to dress in a lot of neutral colors, though I’m often pinning bright colors and patterns. I typically choose one statement piece (like the Isla booties) and go from there.

How would you describe the LR aesthetic?

Understated, versatile and effortless. LR easily transitions with me from day to night, and works well with my crazy schedule since I’m not always able to run home in between meetings or events.

What inspires you?

I’m always inspired by a good meal, time with friends, an intriguing book, a long walk or a new exhibit. Time away from my phone and computer is good for the soul.



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