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Sky Ting’s light-filled, minimalist atmosphere provides a calming retreat from the city’s chaos. With programs and workshops ideal for all ranges of yoga expertise and personal preference, this studio has it all. Yogi co-founders Krissy + Chloe reveal their inspiration for their studio’s alluring design and share tips for achieving a more flexible lifestyle.

How did you develop your passions for yoga? What made you want to start your own studio? And what sets Sky Ting apart from the rest?

We have similar roots. We both grew up dancing and have always been interested in studying the body, which naturally led us to fall in love with the practice of yoga. After meeting each other, studying together, and leading retreats and trainings together, we realized we were a good match and wanted to dream big. We decided to start a yoga studio that was less of a fitness studio, less of a corporate machine, and less of a space that felt too heavy handed in the dogma of the practice. We had a few key ideas that were pillars as we created SKY TING: a beautiful space that we would want to practice in, a pro-teacher business model to support and help grow our staff, and a desire to push the studio past being just a place for yoga classes, to become more of a community center with activities beyond yoga. This has really set us apart from other studios.

Your dreamy and calming studios provide an escape from the busyness and bustle of city life. Where did you find inspiration for creating this space?

We wanted to create a space that was open, bright, airy, and a place that we would want to spend a lot of time in. Our partner, Nick Poe, designed both of our spaces and was super influential in the development of both SKY TING and our unique aesthetic in general. Architecture and design are very important to us. We didn’t want to create anything too busy or cute-sy. Our style is simple and timeless yet fun. It’s very much a reflection of how we teach this practice, we’re serious about the work but we have fun with it!

We love the creative detail of your interior design. In what ways does your studio environment reflect your own personal styles?

We both love to express ourselves through our style. In the same way that our studio space has a few key elements that might make you do a double-take, we love adding pieces to our looks that are interesting and eye-catching. That’s why we love LR–there are so many fun details in the textures and colors of the pieces that can take any outfit to the next level! We are also generally pretty easygoing, just like our space. LR designs are definitely things we could easily slip on or add to a look that wouldn’t feel forced.


What advice can you offer to the inflexible and un-“zen” New Yorker aspiring to channel her inner yogi?

Start small. A little bit goes a long way! Start with a five-minute routine you can commit to and see how you feel! If you like what you’re seeing, you can bump up the program.


What’s the most beneficial + time efficient stretch for a woman with a busy schedule?

We love pigeon poses! Getting into the hips is a great way to feel grounded and release tension, plus you’ll feel a shift in your mood from taking a few minutes to follow your breath. So good for anyone, but that’s one of our go-to’s!

What is your favorite perk of working with a friend?

Working on a project is always so much more joyful and fulfilling with a team! We’re so lucky we get to work together, bounce ideas off each other, lean on each other when times get rough, and keep each other sane!


How would you convince someone to try yoga in five words or less?

Do yoga and achieve enlightenment!


What do you love most about what you do?

We love building a community, working with our friends, and spreading this stuff that we love so much and has changed our lives for the better.


What’s your mantra?

Krissy: Right now mine is “be patient”.

Chloe: Less fear, more love.

Below, Krissy and Chloe show us their five favorite poses to start the day.

1. Supta Padangusthasana 

This pose releases the backs of the legs which can help relieve strain on the low back. Loop a strap around the ball of one foot, extend the other leg out on the floor. If you don’t have a strap – you can always interlace your hands behind your thigh. Stay for 10 breaths, switch to the other side. 

2. Cat/Cow (with flipped wrist variation)

 This is our favorite move to start our day. The undulation of the spine in connection with the breath helps to move out the stagnation from sleeping and makes you more supple and pliant. The flip of the wrists helps to open the chest more and move out blockages in the wrist – it gets you ready to be on your computer all day. 

3. Down Dog

Down dog is a subtle inversion with the head below the heart, which aids in circulation. It engages the entire body at once, toning the arms, core and legs, and helps to lengthen the spine. 

4. Full Wheel

Full wheel is a huge backbend that energizes the body very quickly. In full wheel you open up the whole front line of the body – which is great for confidence and going out into the world!

5. Seated Meditation

After a few yoga poses, we love to sit in a tall quiet seat and clear our mind, observe our breath, and/or set an intention for our day. 

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Photographer: Sarah Elliott 


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