LR Loves: Sweet Saba

Mayaan Zilberman, founder of candy company Sweet Saba + Jessie’s neighbor, came by the LR kitchen to collaborate on candy couture. The sweet-treat queen talks collaborations, sartorial spice + turning LR fall favorites into delectable confections.

“I love collaborating with people with a drastically different aesthetic from my own. When I create something new with artists who see through a distinctive lens it forces me to adjust my guidelines for process, scale, and audience. It’s like traveling and learning a bit of a new language, knowing you’ll come back home with a taste of something new.”

 “To me, Loeffler Randall is a brand that feels upbeat and stylish, while creating classics you’ll cherish forever. It’s rare to see a brand that’s whimsical and feminine without looking too cutesy. I wanted to translate this aesthetic into the candy, creating shoes and bags that, while sweet, captured this essence of sophistication and sexiness. I first carved each shape out of clay to make sure the physicality was elegant and modern, then I hand-painted each piece to be bright and reflective of light.”

My attitude to dressing is very similar both in and out of the kitchen. I have my grandmother’s voice in my head most days, reminding me that you have to be ready for a party wherever you might go during the day. I prefer sleek lines and minimal use of color unless it’s a bold red, pink, or yellow. My hair is always tidy, and I always wear red lipstick…even to bed.”

“It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone in order to force challenges upon yourself, and to problem solve. It’s also an important part of meeting new people and appreciating the ones you know. In starting in my candy business, however, it wasn’t necessarily stepping out of my comfort zone… It was perhaps the opposite, in that it felt like I was coming home to something I loved.”

“Everyone has a different way of looking at the world. We may have similar attitudes or beliefs, but the way in which we see things is unique to each pair of eyes. If you’re truly in tune with your own aesthetic and your own way of seeing things, you will create something unique that is ultimately going to carve out a niche. Some people say it’s about staying true to who you are, but I think it’s more about staying true to how you see.”

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Photographer: Taylor Jewell


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