Creative Couples: Juliana + Dean

Juliana and her husband Dean want you to enjoy the journey. The creative couple founded tokyobike, whose minimalist, colorful + beautifully designed bikes are made for urban living. We talk with Juliana about working with her husband, what sets tokyobike apart, and getting over the fear of city cycling.

You run tokyobike with your husband, Dean. Can you tell us a bit about this partnership?


I get to work with my favorite person in the world, so it’s really fun. We run pretty separate office lives though, as Dean has a company called OTHR that produces 3D printed objects and he works from there most days. I work from a home office we built at our Brooklyn home or our showroom in Los Angeles when I’m on the west coast. We work together every Friday to catch up on what each other has going on in regards to tokyobike. Dean and I bring different skills, energy and thinking to the table, which makes the journey a lot more interesting and rich.

What about the design of tokyobike sets it apart from other brands?


Our minimalistic frame and color ways are certainly unique. We also design our bicycles with slightly smaller wheels than our competition, which makes city cycling even more enjoyable and safe. Not to mention our bicycles can fit in any tiny New York apartment.

tokyobike revolves around the concept of “Tokyo Slow”—what does this mean to you?


Tokyo Slow is all about slowing down and really absorbing your surroundings—people, art, design, food, and places. It’s a lot more about how you get somewhere and what you learn and experience along the way than just the final destination.

Can you tell us about the selection of curated products you sell in your store?


We are a lifestyle brand focused on design, quality, craftsmanship and our Japanese heritage, so our selection ranges from unique bicycle accessories to charcoal toothbrushes to tea ware. We are always looking for exclusive products that you can’t get anywhere else but our stores, most of which are sourced during our travels.

What does your ideal day off look like?


I work and travel so frequently, my ideal day off (when it happens) is spending the whole day on the couch, with my husband and our two dogs, and binge watching TV shows.

How do you incorporate style into an active lifestyle?


I love feeling comfortable, but with a touch of chic.

What’s your best-kept secret?


My husband and I bought a dog together on our first date.

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Photographer: Nicki Sebastian


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