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What makes our brand different and special? We believe it is our passion, our distinctive aesthetic, technical expertise and our lifelong love of shoes. I tried to put into words - into numbers actually - the passion we have for what we do at Loeffler Randall to help our customers understand how much love and care we put into our business and every product that we make.

1 Female Founder

I created Loeffer Randall in 2004 out of my garden apartment in Cobble Hill Brooklyn with my husband, Brian. Fifteen years and three children later we are still doing what we love - making distinctive products in small, considered batches with attention to every detail.

Since 2004 we have expanded from shoes, adding handbags & accessories to our collection. Creativity is at the heart of what we do, we are always thinking about new designs we can offer to our customers from our signature point of view.

94% Female Team

At Loeffer Randall we are a majority female team of 35 people, creating products for and by a women. From our beautiful, light-filled office in soho, NYC, we design the shoes and accessories we want to wear ourselves. We understand our customer's needs because we are our customer - women leading busy lives who want to invest in high quality products that can take us from school drop off to a meeting to an evening event and everything in between. We design products that are meant to be loved and lived in for seasons and years to come.

15 Years

For over 15 years, and over 50 seasons, we have been diligently working on our craft, honing our accessory-making expertise and expressing our creativity through signature designs that convey our unique aesthetic. We believe in creating products that are deeply personal, have a distinct point of view and allow our customers to confidently express who they are inside. Nothing makes us more proud than to see so many of our customers choose LR for an important interview, a special event and even their wedding day.

0 Founding Rounds

We are a small, family owned business that has never taken, nor lost, a single dollar of outside investment. We proud ourselves on being smart, doing more with less and never been wasteful. Our business wasn't built in silicon valley or an MBA conference room. It was built through hard work, genuine passion and expertise.

28 Steps that go into making each pair of our signature penny heels

We believe that design should be distinctive and original. every season we cut, sew, stitch and play around with our beautiful materials to dream up new details that haven't been seen. On average, we create 40 hand mock-ups during the design process of each collection. In each pair of penny heels, there are over 400 pleats. In fact, there are 28 individual steps that go into each pair of penny heels - from the fabric being sent to the pleater to each hand tied bow. Beautiful, handcrafted products take time to make. That's one of the reasons why we make small batches and aim to sell out each season.

60 Pairs of hands touch each product from sketch to finished product

So many team members are involved in the creation of every LR product from our design team to our fit model, technical expert, factory technicians, to our sales and marketing team all the way on to our customer service specialists who personally try on every style each season to advise our customers on style and fit.

11 Measurements

Fit is so important to us at LR. We take 11 different measurements on every one of our shoes in each fit session. Making sure our designs fit just right. We fit each style, making subtle corrections an average of 3 times each season. Along with input from our fit model and our tech expert (who has been in the business for 50 years). We have recently expanded our size offering, now going from 5 all the way up to size 12, whole and half sizes, to a total of 15 sizes. We love being able to offer an expanded range of sizes so more customers can enjoy our products.

1900 Beads

There are 1900 beads in each mina tote. We enjoy working with artisans around the world to create our collections. We particularly love to support women makers, from the women's collectives that make many of our signature fabrics to the artisan groups who hand weave our woven leather bags. We believe in supporting craft traditions and female empowerment through our own business.

210 Cumulative hours spent by our team in our factories each season

Our teams work closely with our factories in person each season to oversee development and production. From inspecting our goods to touring factories with a sustainability expert, we are dedicated to quality and understanding every last detail of the making of our line.