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Our Values

As a small, family-owned and operated company, we're passionate about protecting both the planet and its people. We are always looking for ways we can reduce our environmental impact and support makers around the world. For us, sustainability means a conscious effort to source, produce, consume and dispose of resources ethically and responsibly. Becoming more sustainable is a big goal for our team—and one we're always broadening and learning more about. Here are just a few ways we're committed to sustainable craftsmanship.

Making Only What We Need

We believe in making only what is needed. Unlike many fashion brands, we create our collections in small batches with the aim of selling out. This practice reduces waste and ensures our pieces are made thoughtfully with appropriate time and care.

Responsibly Sourcing Materials

We use raw materials that have minimal impact on the environment, like marabou feathers harvested responsibly during molting season. Our gia boots are made from tuscan leather tanned with natural tannins, and the byproducts of the tanning process are recycle for agricultural use. We reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Working With An Expert

We are undergoing a full assessment by sgt(our textile quality management company) led by Dr.Kannan Muthu, Sgt's head of sustainability. Dr.Muthu has a long track record in helping fashion companies integrate practices that will cut down on environmental resources and pollution--he was the first person to ever complete a Phd in sustainability with an emphasis on clothing and accessories. We are currently taking sgt through our supply chain and will work together closely to set goals for the future, which we are excited to share with you.

Supporting Workers

We believe in the importance of making positive impact on the people, the environment and the communities across our supply chain. This is made possible through valued partnerships with family owned factories and artisan collectives that share our commitment to cherishing craft, ensuring fair compensation and protecting workers' health and safety. For example, we are proud to partner with the non-profit organization nest, who reports that of the 150,000+ artisans in its nest guild community, 74% are women, many of whom cite their primary use of income as sending their children to school. The ability to work from home or small workshops means artisans have more flexible schedules to support their families in the 99 countries and counting where nest has partners.

Reducing Waste

We're currently working towards using sustainable packaging. We now use environmentally friendly, socially responsible recycled paper in our packaging. Additionally, we have goals to transport more goods by ocean rather than air, which reduces carbon emissions by over 90 %.