This season we collaborated with artist Liz Libré and interior designer Lizzy Ott, co-founders of Lewis, our favorite children’s bedding company, to create an exclusive set of festive wrapping papers. Inspired by one of their favorite Lewis designs.

How did you decided on your Parsnip design for the papers?


LIZ: The Parsnip is one of our bestsellers. It ​reads ​floral ​and ​feels ​feminine, ​but ​as ​a ​root ​vegetable, ​there’s ​an underlying ​strength ​and ​resiliency. ​


LIZZY: The Parsnip’s femininity and playful sensibility is exactly how I view Loeffler Randall shoes: sophisticated but with whimsy.

What draws you to nature as a point of inspiration? 


LIZ: There ​is ​no ​greater ​inspiration ​for ​my ​work ​than ​nature, ​and ​I’m ​pretty ​sure ​it’s because ​​I ​love ​being ​outdoors. ​Running ​outside ​or ​taking ​walks ​with ​my ​kids ​in ​the ​woods ​or ​being ​by the ​ocean—it ​all ​fills ​me ​right ​up.


LIZZY: Nature is a powerful influencer for designers because there is nothing purer or more unique or varied. It is awe-inspiring for adults and creates curiosity in children. We love this William Carlos Williams quote: “Beauty is related not to ‘loveliness’ but to a state in which reality plays a part.”

Why did you decide to start Lewis and how do you balance your partnership?


LIZ: We’ve ​been ​friends ​for ​over ​20 ​years! ​We ​went ​to ​high ​school ​and ​college ​together ​and ​cheered ​each ​other ​on ​in New York while pursuing ​our ​own ​creative ​paths. ​When ​Lizzy ​was ​helping ​us ​design our ​nursery ​seven ​years ​ago, ​we ​agreed ​there ​was ​a ​major ​hole ​in ​the ​market ​for ​baby ​bedding ​that ​felt child-like, ​not ​child-ish.


How do you suggest wrapping gifts with these papers?


LIZZY: I think a simple ribbon that matches the paper is really best. The colors and the prints need to shine!


LIZ: I ​always ​get ​ribbon ​from Studio ​Carta. It’s the ​most ​beautiful ​Italian ​ribbon ​from ​the ​most ​beautiful ​Italian mom ​of ​three ​who ​I ​have ​known ​for ​years. ​Hands ​down ​the ​prettiest ​ribbon ​and ​looks ​incredible ​on ​the wrapping ​paper.

What’s your approach to gifting and how are you spending the holidays?


LIZ: Between ​my ​husband ​and ​I, ​we ​have ​21 ​nieces ​and ​nephews, so we always streamline gifts. I love making something for ​friends ​and ​siblings. ​This ​year, ​I’m ​going ​with ​friendship ​bracelets. My ​sister ​hosts during the holidays, ​and ​we ​always ​get ​dressed ​up . ​I ​love ​pairing ​my gold Lulus ​with ​a ​beautiful ​textile like ​a ​dress ​from Ace ​+ ​Jig.


LIZZY: Throughout the year I keep a list of one thoughtful thing each person wouldn’t buy for themselves. If I don’t have a great idea, I donate in their name to a charity. Usually we’ll switch between families for festivities, but this year, we’re all meeting in Palm Springs. There will be a slew of parties leading up to our trip, and I’m relying on my pom-pom Lulus. Easily paired with cropped pants and a festive top, they’re the perfect party shoe.



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