Chasing Rainbows at Amirah Kassem’s Flour Shop

Amirah Kassem, founder of the bakery Flour Shop, lives a rainbow bright reality. The spirited entrepreneur speaks three languages, signs her emails “Smiles and Sprinkles,” and has made her colorful confections for Blue Ivy and the Brooklyn Museum. She opened her first-ever store to Instagram fanfare on Lafayette Street in Soho last November, and to celebrate, we brought her our rainbow ricrac capsule collection, knowing full well she couldn’t resist.

Catching the baking bug.

My mom loves baking and making things pretty, and I loved helping her growing up but didn’t think of it as a career. When I moved to New York, I continued making cakes for friends’ birthdays or would bring them into work. After enough people asked where they could buy them, I started selling them out of my apartment.

Her mother’s influence.

My mom was a Pinterest mom before Pinterest. When I was turning five or six, she made me a Little Mermaid cake. A life-size cake! It was as big as her, and my friends were so jealous. A lot of the cakes I make are her recipes but with my rainbow and glittery twist.

How to find happiness.

Rainbows just give you that happy feeling! When you walk into our shop with wall-to-wall rainbows, you can’t help but to smile and be happy.

Dancing to make to decisions.

I always have a little dance party when I get ready in the morning, and if I put something on that doesn’t make me want to dance, I change my outfit.

Styling rainbow-hued looks.

Most people probably say rainbows should be paired with some sort of neutral, but I go the opposite. I believe in mixing and matching within the rainbow spectrum. I look to metallics or sparkle and embellishment or more color. By pairing it with something that is at the same level, like an emoji sweater and sparkle pants, creates its own kind of balance.


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