LR Loves: Gisela Gueiros

Gisela Gueiros, Vogue Brazil Correspondent, turned her passion for art into a thriving business. Her impeccable taste and standout personal style are authentically hers.

My art tour business started very organically. I came to NYC to do a masters in Contemporary Art History, and when friends and family would visit from Brazil, I always loved to take them to galleries and museums. Then friends of friends started asking if I could take them around and now, because of my blog, Taxi Amarelo, and being the correspondent for Vogue Brazil, I have a large enough following from Brazil to be doing at least a tour every week.

Living with art is a great joy. I think art tells stories and carries memories. It is fascinating how art you already love can grow with you as time passes.


The best way to start a collection is to be curious about it. Visit museums and galleries. Try to find out what kind of art you love the most: which media do you like—drawing, photography, painting, sculpture? Do you prefer abstract or figurative? Geometric or organic? And then start with young, emerging (affordable) artists.


When you first start buying art, take your time. Talk to friends who love art and whose collections you admire. Ask them questions. Ask advice from any professionals you know. Most of all—buy what you love!

maren strappy clog + saddle bag

I love how the Maren clog is both relaxed and powerful. It has a Brooklyn vibe, chunky and simple.

I like to dress simply and have my accessories make the outfit. Accessories are like art in your home—the things that tie the whole thing together. Loeffler Randall is easy and cool. Their pieces are always the perfect touch for an urban outfit—they are natural, but give you the confidence to stand out.

The Ulla espadrilles are super cool and comfortable. The kind of shoes I love because you can wear everyday and know you’re still being stylish! My personal style is boyish with a feminine twist. It’s uniform-like, but with special accessories.


Comparing São Paulo to New York, the two cities I’ve lived in, I think the interesting difference is that in São Paulo we are nearly always driving from place to place, so you dress more to arrive. In New York, you dress for wherever you’re headed and everywhere in between. We never really think about the weather in Brazilit’s basically always nice!—so your style tends to be more consistent. In New York we need to shift every season!

What I really love about this wall is that every piece has a story behind it. The woman in black and white is my great-grandmother, in a drawing made by my uncle. The colorful painting of a man in the middle is my husband’s grandfather. I love how hippie it is—some sort of Gauguin in Tahiti vibe. The arrow on top of it is a gift from a dear friend. Because I introduced her to her husband, and they first kissed in a party at my house, it represents cupid! I love the little photo by Kiki Smith photo on the left corner (bottom)—she sent it as a holiday card a few years ago. Right next to her is a painting by Tatiana Blass, a great young Brazilian artist. Many of the artists are close friends, which makes the wall very special and personal. And it’s a nice balance between Brazil and the US.

My best-kept secret is that I take a bath with dead-sea salts almost every night. It helps my body relax and I fall asleep very quickly!



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