LR x Tappan: Lola Rose Thompson

Watercolorist, Lola Rose Thompson uses her masterful brushwork to explore subversive subjects. LR loves her daring attitude, California spirit, and pared-back style.

“I am definitely a California girl. I love nature, getting out of the city, and working outside. I always bring a set of watercolors and some paper with me when I travel, so I can paint at the top of a mountain after a hike, on the beach, or by the pool.


I make paintings, primarily watercolors and oil paintings, as well as sculptures and installations, using materials including neon, ceramics, and found objects. I like to play with expectations for how we understand a work of artinstead of telling a story pictorially, with images alone, I use the title to add to or create a new narrative that may or may not exist in the image. I find Hollywood fascinating: I’m interested in the power of stardom, pop stars and celebrity culture, and the strange contradictions of the city.”

We asked Lola to interpret our brand ethos in her own visual language. We love her ethereal watercolors of the LR girls and their bags. 

“For the past few years I’ve been making sculptures with flowers. I was inspired while hiking in the Hollywood Hills—it was spring and the hillsides were covered in wildflowers. I picked some and used them to spell out a phrase, took a picture, and left it there. It was a really fun piece to make, and it became an ongoing project: I’ve now made flower sculptures all over L.A., and in different cities and countries.


Once I’m finished with a piece, it has a life of its own. Sometimes the flowers just die, on other occasions, I’ve come back a few hours or days later to find all the flowers re-arranged and made into a whole new piece.”

“Style is more than just what you wear—it’s also your attitude, your confidence, and how you carry yourself. You can be wearing the exact same outfit as someone else, and still look different, as long as you let who you are show through the clothes.


I’m a bit of a tomboy…and because I work in my studio so much I generally wear overalls or jeans and soft t-shirts or men’s button-ups with a front pocket. For a night out on the town, you’re just as likely to find me in a three-piece suit as a dress. I love that Loeffler Randall makes so many elegant flat shoes. I’m always looking for cool and comfortable flats and LR has so many great options, with interesting fabrics and unique styles.


My advice is to buy something special that you’ll keep forever, rather than a hundred cheap things that you’ll throw away in a year or two. That’s what I love about Loeffler Randall: everything is really high quality and feels like it will last for the rest of your life. LR’s bags are incredible—classic and modern at the same time—and they are all super functional and well-made.”



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