At Loeffler Randall, we’re committed to creating our shoes and handbags with high-quality materials. We work with local artisans who are masters in their craft whenever we can. When it comes to multi-colored handwoven wools, the Aymara women of Bolivia are the masters. These craftswomen are known for their traditional frazadas, which are brightly colored stripe blankets handwoven from alpaca wool. They’ve been making these blankets, which serve as picnic blankets for communal meals and to shield against the cold winds rolling off the Andes mountains, since the Pre-Columbian era. The colors and design of each blanket signal the maker’s family lineage and local identity. By working on special projects like our rainbow stripe, the Aymara women are able to continue this tradition while earning a living via their ancestral craft.


For our Spring 2018 collection, we worked with Aymara women to create our own unique stripe—a custom-dyed, handwoven rainbow, of course. You’ll find this rainbow weaving in five of our top spring styles: the Logan sneaker, Stella side, Rowan espadrille, Canvas Weekender, and Oversized Artisan Tote.

Photographs provided by L’Aviva Home.


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