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Paintbox is far from your average nail salon—it’s elevated, incredibly chic, and offers a curated selection of minimal designs. Founder Eleanor Langston talks inspiration, entrepreneurship, and what sets Paintbox apart.

Tell us about starting your own nail studio.

I realized that many of my friends were interested in trying modern, high-style nail art but didn’t have a place to go in NYC. My goal was to create a chic studio that made it encouraging for women to step outside of their comfort zones and treat nails as a powerful accessory to their overall style.


What’s your advice to women with entrepreneurial aspirations?

Commit to your goal, network a ton with your friends and other inspiring women, and have lots of fun along the way. I would also encourage entrepreneurs to take calculated risks. So do your research, know your market, study your competitors, and then take the plunge.

What sets Paintbox apart?

Paintbox is about helping women navigate nail trends in a modern, approachable way. We use content to make nails fun, pared down, and simplified but aspirational. We have a lookbook that guides women through the process as a starting point, and we’re manicures only.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everything from interior design (I love The Line and Fort Standard), to architecture (I often find fresh color combinations for nails from building exteriors), to accessories (I’m intrigued by texture like studs and suede).


Can you describe the Paintbox aesthetic?

We love a mix of grown-up glitters, graphic negative space, reflective foils, and modern matte textures.

How does Paintbox’s design aesthetic relate to LR?

I feel like the two brands are very similar–a downtown sophistication that’s slightly edgy but super relaxed. I wear LR nearly every day. The brand has a comfortable elegance and edge that doesn’t feel forced.


Can you share a few thoughts on the LR x Paintbox collaboration?

We’re so honored to team up with Jessie and the LR team. We’ll be launching a new page in our lookbook with fun nail designs that reflect both of our brands. We have splatters of matte metallics and graphic, angular designs–all in blush and navy that mirror the LR Resort collection as well as overall brand identity.

What’s your motto?

I think kindness is extremely undervalued and goes a very long way in life and business.

Visit: paintbox

Follow: @paintboxnails

Photographer: Justin Bridges


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